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Socket Covers?!

Apologies for the seemingly randomness of this post… I need a bit of a rant sometimes and thought, “where better than my blog”… That’s what it’s there for, isn’t it?!

So I started my EYPS summer placement today*, at a Sure Start Children’s Centre, run by the local Primary Care Trust.
I was there last summer also, and remember that the risk assessment forms for every session included a section to ensure that socket covers were all in place, however I went there today and they’ve recently been told, apparently from someone pretty high up, that they are to stop using them because, and I quote (sorry!):

“someone saw something on the internet about a little boy playing with one and getting electrocuted”

Now forgive me if I’m wrong, but surely this can’t be true – plastic doesn’t conduct electricity!! Also, isn’t it much safer for them to be covered? What if a toddler comes out of the water tray with his tiny fingers dripping wet, and touches the socket?!

Obviously we watch them, and the parents are there as it’s a drop in service, but still, accidents do happen!

the practitioner also told me that they’ve had to remove EVERYTHING that is metal… just in case a child decides to play with the plug sockets with it… They had a beautiful metals treasure basket* and other lovely objects that’ve had to be thrown away… Surely a big metal plate won’t fit into the tiny little holes??!!

Anyway, rant over, just needed to let it out and now it’s done… Just wondered what other people thought on this?

* EYPS is Early Years Professional Status – a graduate level qualification on the same level as teacher, but without the actual teacher status! It is the government’s aim to have an EYP (Early Years Professional) in every daycare setting by 2015.

* Treasure Baskets – an excellent resource for babies –



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Baking Day

So today I decided that I’d had enough of my “healthy eating” nonsense and got out my endless supply of cook/baking books…
I settled on a cake from the new Baked and Delicious magazine, called Iced Lemon Squares (issue 7, page 12)
I went to the supermarket to get the little things I didn’t have in: butter (I prefer Stork margarine); a lemon; double cream; and caster sugar (I don’t usually bother and tend to just use the normal stuff!)

Anyway… I got home did a little tidying until I felt like baking. At around 5pm I went into the kitchen and couldn’t find my weighing scales… After a bit of a tantrum, I decided to wing it and guessed the amount of butter. The boyfriend had then found the scales – under the stairs… ?! And it turned out I was just about spot on with my “measurement” – Yay me! Although to be honest, I don’t tend to use scales unless it’s a new recipe!

The cake went into the oven, in a round silicone cake tin, as I didn’t have a baking tray on hand… on gas mark 4, for 25 mins, as instructed… It wasn’t ready until it had been in for an hour and 10 minutes – what’s that all about?!

I left it to cool and then cut it up, adapting the recipe a little by spreading a thin layer of lemon curd on the bottom and then spooning my slightly altered lemon cream on top (the ratio of lemon curd to cream was too much so I added more cream to even it out)

Now, I might be biased, and so might my family, but it was the best cake in the world! So light and airy, with just the perfect amount of lemon-ness… Not bad to say I’ve never baked like this before – never used silicone; never zested or juiced a lemon; never baked in a gas oven!

In between the baking and cooling times, I also made a batch of chocolate cupcakes… But I had no cocoa powder so had to use drinking chocolate… I then tried to make buttercream, which was another first, but it just wouldn’t thicken up so as a last resort I melted some chocolate in the microwave, some of which burned, but it was all good!!

So take a look at the photos and judge for youselves, I think they were stunning!

~R&R 🙂

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TV Shows

So, I’m sat here watching WWE Smackdown on my Sky+

It’s only just started and I love it, but it did make me think… What makes this show so good, that it’s been on the list of longest running TV shows?

I mean come on, The Simpsons is good, don’t get me wrong, but they cancel some really good shows, after one season, sometimes not even that, and then a show like The Simpsons is carried on for around 25 years! 

Anyway, I haven’t got a vendetta for The Simpsons; I actually don’t mind the show! What really annoys me is the fact that the big TV bosses get to decide what carries on and what doesn’t… regardless of how many million viewers they get, it’s just not quite enough for them!

Take Hellcats, for example… I know I’m a girl and so a lot of the men reading this might think I’m just biased – I’m not! Hellcats is a brilliant show, documenting the true athleticism and talent that cheerleaders have. There truly is no other show like it and I was so upset that they cancelled it, I almost cried! Unlike some of the other shows that have been cancelled, I really think that this one could have gone so much further. Nothing was really tied up and there were plenty of storylines waiting in the wings.

Same with Better for You. That was a great show, the same production team as Friends (which is one of the best shows to ever grace our TV screens – more on this on a later date – it needs it’s own post!) The ending of the season just seemed so rushed, it was as though they were told, “sorry, you’d better wrap it up ‘cos you’re not having another season”. It kind of ruined the entire show for me.

Another is Outsourced – what a great idea! So many of us make jokes about our “local” call centres actually being as far away as India and it was just such a light and funny show!

What else has been cancelled?? No Ordinary Family – I actually enjoyed this but, yeah, I can understand… it kind of ran it’s course and was in danger of becoming silly, a la Heroes!

The Event – a bit of a slow burner but definitely worth a watch! I really enjoyed that show, like No Ordinary Family, though, there was a danger of it going too far…

I have to mention something that was cancelled last year – Accidentally on Purpose, with the woman from Dharma and Greg… that was a great show; a bit of a classic silly American sitcom, but they’re brill sometimes! Happy Town was another good one we watched last year but I don’t know what they could have done with that one…

Anyway, rant over… just thought I’d share my TV woes with the world!

~ R&R

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Don’t worry, this is not going to be a regular thing… I’m not a huge football fan… Too fast paced and the pitch is too big – I lose sight of the ball and the rules confuse me – give me basketball any day!!
Anyway, I watched the Gary Neville testimonial match yesterday, Man Utd v Juventus, and I have to say, I really enjoyed it!
Granted, I only had it on ‘cos the boyfriend is a massive Man U fan, and I wasn’t really watching it for the most part of the first half… But I have to pay my dues… I enjoyed it!

It wasn’t too fast paced, which was nice as I could keep up… I kind of understand the offside rule (as much as I need to, according to the boyfriend!) and he’s pretty good at explaining things to me in a way I can understand… usually including coins/chocolate/salt and pepper pots!

Also, how cool was it to see the Man U team like the old days? My brother was a massive fan when we were kids; he used to make me sit on his bed looking at this huge poster and wouldn’t let me go until I could name each player!! Anyway, I digress… you’ll soon realise this!

David Beckham really should come back to England… I think he should finish off where he started, in a Man Utd kit!!

There, that’s my two cents!!

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So welcome to my blog!

If you want to know about me, check out the “Who Is She?!” page above…

I have a lot to say… I’m not going to lie and say that anything I say will be relevant, nor will it be interesting, but I thought I’d give it a go.

My blog will mainly be focussed on the general happenings of my life. Almost like a diary or journal extract (which I start every January and promptly forget about by February!)

I might discuss my opinions and ideas, but these are just my own thoughts, typed out… I don’t expect any followers, so I won’t bother censoring myself… Just be aware that my own opinions don’t reflect everyone in my position… don’t generalise and stereotype, people!!

I’ll probably be discussing movies, music, fashion, literature and life in general.. I might even discuss a few celebrities every now and then. I’ll probably talk a little about politics, though my understanding of politics isn’t great – I have some great ideas! I’ll question things, including my own beliefs, and I’ll generally just work through my own mind, trying to make sense of the world!!

I don’t tend to proof read, as it bores me to tears. Any mistakes will most defintely be typos. I generally grab my dictionary if I’m unsure…

Welcome to my Blog.

If you’re not bored before you read it, you will be after!!

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