So welcome to my blog!

If you want to know about me, check out the “Who Is She?!” page above…

I have a lot to say… I’m not going to lie and say that anything I say will be relevant, nor will it be interesting, but I thought I’d give it a go.

My blog will mainly be focussed on the general happenings of my life. Almost like a diary or journal extract (which I start every January and promptly forget about by February!)

I might discuss my opinions and ideas, but these are just my own thoughts, typed out… I don’t expect any followers, so I won’t bother censoring myself… Just be aware that my own opinions don’t reflect everyone in my position… don’t generalise and stereotype, people!!

I’ll probably be discussing movies, music, fashion, literature and life in general.. I might even discuss a few celebrities every now and then. I’ll probably talk a little about politics, though my understanding of politics isn’t great – I have some great ideas! I’ll question things, including my own beliefs, and I’ll generally just work through my own mind, trying to make sense of the world!!

I don’t tend to proof read, as it bores me to tears. Any mistakes will most defintely be typos. I generally grab my dictionary if I’m unsure…

Welcome to my Blog.

If you’re not bored before you read it, you will be after!!


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