Don’t worry, this is not going to be a regular thing… I’m not a huge football fan… Too fast paced and the pitch is too big – I lose sight of the ball and the rules confuse me – give me basketball any day!!
Anyway, I watched the Gary Neville testimonial match yesterday, Man Utd v Juventus, and I have to say, I really enjoyed it!
Granted, I only had it on ‘cos the boyfriend is a massive Man U fan, and I wasn’t really watching it for the most part of the first half… But I have to pay my dues… I enjoyed it!

It wasn’t too fast paced, which was nice as I could keep up… I kind of understand the offside rule (as much as I need to, according to the boyfriend!) and he’s pretty good at explaining things to me in a way I can understand… usually including coins/chocolate/salt and pepper pots!

Also, how cool was it to see the Man U team like the old days? My brother was a massive fan when we were kids; he used to make me sit on his bed looking at this huge poster and wouldn’t let me go until I could name each player!! Anyway, I digress… you’ll soon realise this!

David Beckham really should come back to England… I think he should finish off where he started, in a Man Utd kit!!

There, that’s my two cents!!


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