TV Shows

So, I’m sat here watching WWE Smackdown on my Sky+

It’s only just started and I love it, but it did make me think… What makes this show so good, that it’s been on the list of longest running TV shows?

I mean come on, The Simpsons is good, don’t get me wrong, but they cancel some really good shows, after one season, sometimes not even that, and then a show like The Simpsons is carried on for around 25 years! 

Anyway, I haven’t got a vendetta for The Simpsons; I actually don’t mind the show! What really annoys me is the fact that the big TV bosses get to decide what carries on and what doesn’t… regardless of how many million viewers they get, it’s just not quite enough for them!

Take Hellcats, for example… I know I’m a girl and so a lot of the men reading this might think I’m just biased – I’m not! Hellcats is a brilliant show, documenting the true athleticism and talent that cheerleaders have. There truly is no other show like it and I was so upset that they cancelled it, I almost cried! Unlike some of the other shows that have been cancelled, I really think that this one could have gone so much further. Nothing was really tied up and there were plenty of storylines waiting in the wings.

Same with Better for You. That was a great show, the same production team as Friends (which is one of the best shows to ever grace our TV screens – more on this on a later date – it needs it’s own post!) The ending of the season just seemed so rushed, it was as though they were told, “sorry, you’d better wrap it up ‘cos you’re not having another season”. It kind of ruined the entire show for me.

Another is Outsourced – what a great idea! So many of us make jokes about our “local” call centres actually being as far away as India and it was just such a light and funny show!

What else has been cancelled?? No Ordinary Family – I actually enjoyed this but, yeah, I can understand… it kind of ran it’s course and was in danger of becoming silly, a la Heroes!

The Event – a bit of a slow burner but definitely worth a watch! I really enjoyed that show, like No Ordinary Family, though, there was a danger of it going too far…

I have to mention something that was cancelled last year – Accidentally on Purpose, with the woman from Dharma and Greg… that was a great show; a bit of a classic silly American sitcom, but they’re brill sometimes! Happy Town was another good one we watched last year but I don’t know what they could have done with that one…

Anyway, rant over… just thought I’d share my TV woes with the world!

~ R&R


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