Baking Day

So today I decided that I’d had enough of my “healthy eating” nonsense and got out my endless supply of cook/baking books…
I settled on a cake from the new Baked and Delicious magazine, called Iced Lemon Squares (issue 7, page 12)
I went to the supermarket to get the little things I didn’t have in: butter (I prefer Stork margarine); a lemon; double cream; and caster sugar (I don’t usually bother and tend to just use the normal stuff!)

Anyway… I got home did a little tidying until I felt like baking. At around 5pm I went into the kitchen and couldn’t find my weighing scales… After a bit of a tantrum, I decided to wing it and guessed the amount of butter. The boyfriend had then found the scales – under the stairs… ?! And it turned out I was just about spot on with my “measurement” – Yay me! Although to be honest, I don’t tend to use scales unless it’s a new recipe!

The cake went into the oven, in a round silicone cake tin, as I didn’t have a baking tray on hand… on gas mark 4, for 25 mins, as instructed… It wasn’t ready until it had been in for an hour and 10 minutes – what’s that all about?!

I left it to cool and then cut it up, adapting the recipe a little by spreading a thin layer of lemon curd on the bottom and then spooning my slightly altered lemon cream on top (the ratio of lemon curd to cream was too much so I added more cream to even it out)

Now, I might be biased, and so might my family, but it was the best cake in the world! So light and airy, with just the perfect amount of lemon-ness… Not bad to say I’ve never baked like this before – never used silicone; never zested or juiced a lemon; never baked in a gas oven!

In between the baking and cooling times, I also made a batch of chocolate cupcakes… But I had no cocoa powder so had to use drinking chocolate… I then tried to make buttercream, which was another first, but it just wouldn’t thicken up so as a last resort I melted some chocolate in the microwave, some of which burned, but it was all good!!

So take a look at the photos and judge for youselves, I think they were stunning!

~R&R 🙂


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  1. ribbonsandropes

    For some reason the second photo is refusing to appear… anyone know why??

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