Socket Covers?!

Apologies for the seemingly randomness of this post… I need a bit of a rant sometimes and thought, “where better than my blog”… That’s what it’s there for, isn’t it?!

So I started my EYPS summer placement today*, at a Sure Start Children’s Centre, run by the local Primary Care Trust.
I was there last summer also, and remember that the risk assessment forms for every session included a section to ensure that socket covers were all in place, however I went there today and they’ve recently been told, apparently from someone pretty high up, that they are to stop using them because, and I quote (sorry!):

“someone saw something on the internet about a little boy playing with one and getting electrocuted”

Now forgive me if I’m wrong, but surely this can’t be true – plastic doesn’t conduct electricity!! Also, isn’t it much safer for them to be covered? What if a toddler comes out of the water tray with his tiny fingers dripping wet, and touches the socket?!

Obviously we watch them, and the parents are there as it’s a drop in service, but still, accidents do happen!

the practitioner also told me that they’ve had to remove EVERYTHING that is metal… just in case a child decides to play with the plug sockets with it… They had a beautiful metals treasure basket* and other lovely objects that’ve had to be thrown away… Surely a big metal plate won’t fit into the tiny little holes??!!

Anyway, rant over, just needed to let it out and now it’s done… Just wondered what other people thought on this?

* EYPS is Early Years Professional Status – a graduate level qualification on the same level as teacher, but without the actual teacher status! It is the government’s aim to have an EYP (Early Years Professional) in every daycare setting by 2015.

* Treasure Baskets – an excellent resource for babies –



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