Well, considering I have this “passion” for fashion design and crafty things, I have to admit that I haven’t had chance to do any sketching (or indeed any sewing) for a long time!

I have a beautiful sewing box bought for me by my lovely OH – so beautiful in fact, that I hate using anything in it! I’ve also been collecting all the scraps of fabric I could find, in order for me to develop a great big box full of fabric to either practice on or to recycle into something else!

 I have inherited an amazing antique treadle Singer sewing machine from my Grandma – I think it belonged to her mother… It folds out of a sewing table, almost identical to this… To be honest, I very rarely use it as I’m terrified of breaking it! Just sitting at it though makes me feel great – I could never part with it!

I also have an electric sewing machine – nothing fancy, just a normal, cheap Brother LS-2125 one, but I’m not brilliant with it just yet  – in fact, far from it! Need a lot of practice!

I guess my blog today is more of a kick up the backside to myself – I really need to get back on it! I’ll never be any good if I don’t practice, will I?!




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