Man Utd Birthday

Hey peeps…

So today is the Boyfriend’s birthday… not so much a boy now he’s 25, but still…

For his birthday I thought I’d play the perfect girlfriend card and bake him a super awesome birthday cake…

I started with a packet of ready made fondant icing… in white… and a bottle of red liquid food colouring… BIG MISTAKE!

It took numerous hours and the entire bottle of food dye to make it red – not to mention sore arms from hours of kneading!

Well, I made two cakes, one vanilla with chocolate chips and one chocolate with white chocolate chunks, and sandwiched them together with a thin layer of apricot jam and buttercream (which turned out OK this time!) I also sprinkled a layer of chocolate chips on top of the buttercream, before placing the vanilla cake on top.

To be honest, the cakes turned out just like plain sponge cakes as the chocolate chips/chunks sank to the bottom and stuck to my silicone cake pans… But they were very moist and perfect.

I rolled out the (now red) fondant icing and had to get my Mum to help me get it on the cake, on top of a layer of boiled apricot jam… I then placed an icing replica of the Manchested United badge on top.

The badge took me AGES! I printed off a picture and used a toothpick to give me a general outline… But the rest I did freehand. Not too bad, I think, for my first ever attempt at decorating a cake!

And it tasted pretty good too!

Happy Birthday my little Monkey 🙂



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