So… I haven’t been blogging very much lately… I’m sorry (if anyone’s actually reading this!)

My excuse is that I have been on my final university placement and have been busy (not really, just tired!)

So I have finished my degree… what a ball-ache that was… Got my results and was absolutely gutted… I ended up coming out with a Third… still graduating, with honours, but still, Third Class isn’t great, is it?

Well I’ve sent off an appeal because they capped an entire module at 40 during my second year, because I didn’t hand an assignment in due to my temporary withdrawal… I was told that I could re-do the year and was never told that they’d cap my mark, let alone cap the entire module! I was gutted because when I actually did the assignment, I got a 71 and for the second assignment I got something like a 59… I guess you can understand why I was gutted that they capped it at 40, when the average was a 65!!

That’s why I’ve appealed against it… Hopefully they’ll accept it and bump my degree up to a 2.2 (Second Class), since that’s what I’ve actually earned!

Anyway… I’ve finished my degree but I’ve still been doing the course I had taken alongside it… The Early Years Professional Status (EYPS) and have been on placement at a Sure Start Children’s Centre as part of that… My final assessment is on Tuesday but I’ll stay until Friday, because I’m just that nice!!

After that, I plan on never hearing the word “OFSTED” or “EYFS” ever again… Fair enough, I have a degree and a graduate level status but I don’t ever intend on using them… It’s just not for me… I’ve applied through Clearing for a place on the Children’s Nursing degree… Let’s hope I can get over my MAJOR phobia of veins otherwise that’ll be another wasted degree and 3 years!

To be honest, I’ve always wanted to be a nurse… Teaching and Early Years, nursery work or whatever… that’s just something I fell into and I could never have worked in that field long term… I want to be a Mum someday, I think that was the only reason I actually did the Early Childhood Studies degree… I never went into nursing because of my phobia – I didn’t think I could do it – more on that another time… So I’m just hoping that I get onto the course now, otherwise I’ll have to find a job for a year and re-try next time!

Wish me luck!



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