Well, I had my interview for the BA (hon) Nursing Studies – Children’s branch yesterday at SHU (Sheffield Hallam University)

All I can say is “DEAR ME!!” If that’s how they conduct the interview and the kind of tutors I’ll have, I don’t even know if I want to go there!!

The first part of it (group task) went really well but the individual interview was horrific!

He kept twisting everything I said into a negative – I’ve got a degree in Early Childhood Studies so know about development and milestones and have had experience of working with children and families etc – but I’ve only worked with “well” children so it’s worthless.

I don’t have enough clinical knowledge and experience – I’m sorry but isn’t that why I’m applying to uni – to learn?!

I don’t know enough about the role of a nurse – I was given a scenario of a four year old boy just having had his appendix removed – what would my priorities be? I said to ensure he wasn’t in pain and that he was comfortable, if his parents weren’t there he might need comforting, if he’d had stitches, make sure they’re ok etc… he didn’t seem too happy with that and kept asking me “what do you think I’m wanting you to say?” How the hell am I supposed to know?!

It seemed very much like he was expecting me to already have the degree knowledge before even enrolling on the course! I couldn’t get anything right and told him I feel like I haven’t done very well and that I’m there because I want to and am willing to learn.

I mentioned some models of nursing, the ACCESS model, which he didn’t seem aware of and when I mentioned it’s about spirituality and culture, he said “Oh, that’s a fluffy model, I don’t do fluffy models, what else do you know?” So I discussed the Roper model, which is the most prevalent UK model… He said he was impressed because no candidate had ever mentioned models of nursing to him before… Didn’t seem to be enough though and he basically told me that I am competing against the best candidates for a limited few places (a lie because the woman from the introductory presentation told us there was a place available for each of us if we were successful) and that a lot of candidates end up applying quite a number of times before they are successful… He also said he was concerned that although I conduct myself very well, my lack of knowledge and clinical experience is a downfall (basically telling me I was crap and unsuccessful)

I am absolutely gutted – I won’t find out until next week but it didn’t seem like it went well… Although I think that if I’d had another interviewer, I’d have done a lot better – I was in a corridor with people walking past and a flickering light and he seemed to be playing bad cop but there was no good cop!!

I didn’t cry though, well, I didn’t let the tears come out… I just went to Asda and Mr R&R bought me loads of treats!!


I’ll keep you posted!





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2 responses to “Interview…

  1. Who the hell was this guy..dont get disheartend….anyone in nursing who knows their stuff ..would know that spirituality,culture are a major role in nursing these days..everything leads to well being..and your answer about the child was spot on…..good luck..ELiza Keating.

    • ribbonsandropes

      Thank you so much for your comment – I didn’t think anyone actually read my blog, I use it as a ranting space haha!!

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