Right, so I know that I mentioned (ages ago…) that I’m into Fashion Design and hope to one day become a fashion designer, when I get better at my drawing and sewing!!

Well I’ve got a portfolio of around 150 sketches now and have started to re-do some using watercolour paints, enhancing them and generally making them prettier… Basically just keeping myself doing something when I’m having a bit of a designing block!!

Unfortunately I’ve not had the time or energy to do any sewing – it means me sitting by myself on the landing, where the sewing machine is – I’d rather be sat with the boyfriend, watching TV, playing The Sims 3 or drawing/painting…

This means that I’ve not been able to hone my sewing skills (or lack thereof) and so my dress form has just been stood there in my room, with a very simple dress made out of a pillowcase just pinned on!

I was thinking about taking a class but I just can’t afford it at the minute, and I’m not sure if it is really worthwhile me doing…

I was also considering trying to “break into” the fashion world, a la The Devil Wears Prada, perhaps being an intern or something, just getting out there and learning… That looks really difficult though, especially when you live in the middle of nowhere! Any helpful hints or tips would be greatly appreciated!

Eventually I’ll get there, I know I will – you’ll all be wearing R&R originals sometime in the near future!!

Watch this space!



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