I hate moths… I’m terrified of them – they just flap around your head and they’re blind so they just bash you in the face and are too dumb to even realise…

The other night, I was sat minding my own business, playing The Sims 3, if you must know… and this massive white moth just swooped down at me, landing on my arm.

I jumped and it flew onto my chest, pervy moth! I gasped for air and the boyfriend had a little chuckle – he knows I don’t like them…

When he could see, though, that I was absolutely terrified, crying and not breathing, he got up and helped me…

Honestly, I always knew that I didn’t like them and was kind of afraid of them – even though they can’t actually hurt me – but I never realised just how much! I mean come on, a panic attack is a bit much isn’t it?! My chest was still hurting hours later!

I wouldn’t call it a phobia – I have a phobia of something else and it’s not the same, otherwise I wouldn’t be blogging about it! I’m scared, that’s all…

So anyway, it flew further into the room and the boyfriend said he thought he’d got it but couldn’t see it… his suggestion was “well, they just turn to dust, don’t they?!”

We went downstais for ten minutes and I was on edge, looking all over for it… it wasn’t just a normal moth, it was massive and strange looking… it’s feelers were huge!

When we got back to the bedroom, I edged my way to the bed, looking around as I went. I finally plucked up the courage to carry on with my Sims (lol) when it swooped back at me, just narrowly avoiding my hand.

He got it that time but dear me!!




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