So I’m not having a good week for the bugs!!

This time last week I had never seen a flea in my life – and I’ve always had pets: dogs; birds; hamsters; rabbits; ferrets; fish; even a rat!

The other day I saw a little bug on my hand… I brushed it off and thought nothing of it. A minute later I noticed that the dog had one on his head and as I tried to move it, it jumped…

Needless to say, I jumped too! I’ve never seen a bug jump!! My mum told me it was just a bug and not to worry, until I saw another one on him, poor little guy…

So apparently he’s befriended this little hedgehog in the back of the garden (our garden backs onto a little woods) and he goes up and plays with it on an evening… Hedgehogs are renowned for being flea-ridden… Putting two and two together, I figured they must be fleas.

Now, he only had those two or three but I had a massive bite on my thigh – and it was a right welt!!

I told Mum that maybe we should vacuum and get him some flea stuff…

The next day, no flea stuff – she said he ony had those few and they’ve gone now…  I’m sorry but what about those that are hiding, either on the dog or on the carpet?!

Another few were just lolling about on his head so I suggested again getting some flea stuff…

This afternoon, still no flea stuff so I went to Asda and got some spray for the carpet, which can also be used on the dog… It actually kills them too, not like that Spot On stuff which is just a repellent.

Anyway, I’ll spray him (he won’t like that!) and we’ll see what happens!



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