Just an update…

As you may know, I had my interview for the BA (hons) Nursing Studies – Children’s Branch last Friday… I was told that I would get a letter telling me whether I was successful or not “at the beginning of the week”.

Well it’s Friday and still, no letter… I called uni to ask whether there was a delay or if it might have been lost in the post.

The lady said that they couldn’t send me a letter because I hadn’t added my choice in Clearing – I did look at it but it said I had to have had an offer first so I didn’t think I could…

Anyway, on the phone she was gone for ages, asking me to confirm my name and address etc… She came back and said that she’d found me on the system but no decision had been made yet so she went to look for my paperwork from the interview (!) and came back to tell me I’d been successful and they’d like to offer me a place!!

I’m in! I’m a Student Nurse!! I start in September!


On another note… I was expecting the final bursary payment of £1500 from my previous course today. I spoke to my tutor last week and confirmed the date as I have bills to pay… She confirmed that it would definitely be today…

Midnight came, I checked – a bit premature, I know – it wasn’t there… I woke up at 3am and thought I’d have a look – not there.

Awoke at 8.30am and checked every 10 minutes, still nothing. By 12pm, I decided to call them and their response was classic!


“Well, I can put it in today and you’ll get it on Wednesday, is that ok?” – NO IT ISN’T OK! I have a payment to make and it’s taken me over my overdraft, are you going to pay my charge?!

She said it should be in by the end of business today.


Sheffield Hallam and their lack of organisation…




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