Being a Christian

So as some of you may know, I’m a Christian.

Not in a “I was christened when I was a baby so I’m a Christian” kind of way – I was christened as a baby but that doesn’t count – I didn’t have a choice in the matter!

I was brought up in a little Baptist church from the age of 2. I knew who Jesus was, I knew I was God’s child, but I didn’t know Jesus personally.

“How can you know Jesus personally?” I hear you ask… Well, I don’t know, other that when I was 19, I started going back to church after taking around 5 years being ‘in the world’. I started to go back and the first night I was there, we were meeting in a local leisure centre as the hall was bigger for the Revival services.

All I can say is I felt something I had never felt before… The evangelist, Nathan Morris, (from Shake the Nations ministries and recently from the Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival in Alabama, broadcast on GOD TV) was speaking at the front – I don’t even remember what he was saying, I imagine he was speaking of the Blood, but I was trembling and tears were rolling down my cheeks at a great speed – I had no idea why; I wasn’t sad, happy, I didn’t feel anything!

He called me to the front and asked my name and age. He prayed for me and shouted “FIRE”. The moment he touched my forehead I felt my legs buckling, I tried to keep myself standing and he whispered something like, “don’t worry”. He shouted “FIRE” again and I was flat out on my back.

I didn’t pass out, I could still hear everything, I was just laying on the floor… I felt that I was trembling too much to even sit up so I just stayed there.

That was the Holy Spirit telling me, “the Father wants you, accept me into your heart”.

A few weeks later I was at church (it had been moved back to the normal building) during a Sunday evening meeting. I suddenly realised that I had been calling myself a Christian all these years but I wasn’t. I had never truly opened my heart to the Lord. I stepped out and spoke to an Elder, saying i felt that I needed to be baptised. He said the Sinner’s Prayer with me, as I was concerned that I couldn’t be a Christian because I’d not said “The Prayer”!!

This was almost three years ago. I was baptised in February 2009 and since then, I have slowly but surely learned who Jesus is.

He’s not some make-believe figure, or a tiny little magical baby born in December.

He’s the living, breathing, God Almighty! He came to Earth so that He could be the Ultimate Sacrifice – no more lambs were to be burned as offerings as He was the Lamb of God – offering Himself to pay for our sins.

It was only when I realised that He died for me, and even if I were the only person on Earth that day, He would have still done it, for me, that I could truly understand His love.

He was murdered in cold blood. Tortured. Ridiculed.

And yet He went through it, with the ability to stop it at any given time, He didn’t. He suffered as any human being would.

And He would do it again every single day to guarantee your place in eternal paradise.

It’s amazing to comprehend!

Jesus died for me. And for you. And all you’ve got to do is accept His sacrifice.

I did – will I see you in Heaven?



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  1. ribbonsandropes

    I always thought I didn’t have a testimony but I guess I do… Perhaps I’ll share the rest of it one day 🙂

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