So it was my birthday on Thursday – I was 23.

I feel so old, it’s not even funny.

By 23, I wanted to be established and settled in a job, married (or very nearly) and a mum (or very nearly).

At the minute, I have none of these things. I am a perpetual student… living at home with my parents… and although marriage and kids are definitely on the cards, it won’t happen for a while yet.

I guess sometimes life just happens and runs away from all your dreams.

My new friends at university are all between 18 and 21 – the mention of someone being 22 last week prompted a reaction along the lines of “22, wow, that’s so old!” – Thanks…

So that’s where I’m at… Happy in general, like usual… but deep down my heart is breaking and every time I see a baby, or wedding gown, or engagement ring, it breaks even further…

One day, just not today.



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