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This Morning

So I went to bed last night with a really bad headache… It was around 1am and I generally need a lot of sleep, so I just attributed it to that.

I hardly slept and woke up for church at 8am, but my head was still throbbing, right in and around my right temple. It almost felt like someone was standing there holding a really sharp kebab skewer in my head.

I brushed my teeth and went back to bed – couldn’t face going to church and putting “the smile” on, you know the one, where people ask how you are but they don’t really want to hear your answer, so you just smile and say, “great thanks, and you?”, by which time they’ve already moved onto the next one…

Anyway, I didn’t brush my teeth before bed last night (I hate doing it right before bed becase my mouth gets really dry through the night and I end up smacking my mouth and have awful breath the next day! TMI? Sorry!) So most of the time if I haven’t brushed my teeth, I get a headache, I don’t know if this is normal or not… So I usually just brush my teeth, paying extra close attention to the back ones, and then within half an hour, and sometimes a couple of Nurofen, I’m good as new.

Well as I said, I brushed my teeth and climbed back into bed. An hour and a lot of tossing and turning later I woke up again and decided it was time for the trusty Nurofen (I really should have shares in the company, the amount I go through!). I get a lot of headaches, not migraines, thankfully, but quite awful headaches, which leave me feeling a bit sicky. I am adamant that I need glasses but my optician begs to differ – and has done for almost 20 years since I began asking him! I’m just a headachey person, I guess!

So I had the Nurofen, and they’re the liquid capsules, which are brilliant,  and after a cup of tea and a slice of wholemeal toast (Mr R&R is the best!) I felt fine. My back teeth are still a bit tender though. Mr R&R wonders if I clench or grind them in my sleep – he’s a grinder and is supposed to wear a rubber mouth guard. I wonder if it’s the wisdom teeth finally starting to push through the gums, as they’ve been threatening for a while now…

I guess we shall see. Does anyone else get really bad headaches when they haven’t brushed their teeth, or not done them properly?

Off to nap now 🙂




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Almost everyone I know has a strong opinion on this subject, so I thought I’d share my views.

I am fascinated by the life-death cycle, particularly the act of death itself. I find it amazing that a human body can just stop working. Just like that.

The human body is a work of art – it is perfectly designed and the intricacies are mind-blowing.

The idea of a corpse is something I struggle to get my head around, but is also something that I, again, am fascinated by. The fact that something which was once a living, breathing, fully animated person, with a name, a job, a family and a whole personality, but that can then be nothing more that a shell, empty and void, is a difficult thought to process, though it is most definitely worth spending some time trying to work it out – if you do this, you will most definitely end up re-evaluating your beliefs and ideas about life and death.

I love the process of caring for the deceased. The respect and dignity given to them is something which makes wonder why, in some cases, the same isn’t true whilst the individual is still alive. The care given by the nurse or health care professional, immediately after death, known as Last Offices, is something which I would have loved to have participated in, had I continued in my nursing studies.

The post-mortem, or autopsy, is something which is particularly fascinating to me. Being able to look inside a human body and discover how it works, how it comes together and how it stops working, it’s amazing and I am in awe of the professionals who do this for a living.

All throughout my childhood and into adolescence I was slightly obsessed with death, planning my own funeral and telling anyone who’d listen that I wanted to be a mortician. I think it was their reactions, recoiling in horror or questioning my sanity, which stopped me from ever pursuing it. Now that I have a bit of breathing space, I am hoping that I can find my way into a profession where I can care for the dead. The pride and self discovery from a vocation in this field will be amazing.


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Breaking Dawn Pt.1

So yesterday we went to see Breaking Dawn: part 1. We had a few hours to kill before basketball and we’d end up watching it at some point anyway…

First, let me just say that I loved the books – they weren’t written particularly well but I enjoyed reading them – I think it’s a good concept.

I enjoyed the first three movies, too, if I’m honest. New Moon wasn’t a favourite but that’s because I’m firmly NOT Team Jacob – not particularly Team Edward either, but I just don’t like Jacob, he’s a sleaze and forces himself onto Bella. I also think that Taylor Lautner over-enunciates and although he’s getting slightly better, not the best actor. On that note, I think that the way he speaks isn’t realistic – although that’s down to Stephanie Meyer, the script is lifted right out of the books and she writes like a teenager, you can certainly tell she’s not a professional writer – people just don’t talk like that in real life! The casting wasn’t very good from the start, I don’t really rate any of the main actors. Robert Pattinson plays Edward in a way which is difficult to watch. I know that he was meant to be slightly pained in the first movie, due to his confusion over Bella, but it doesn’t really fit anymore. He looks wooden and in pain, too much like Jasper (who I think it suits very well!) Kristen is getting better, and prettier, but I think she’s very wooden too. I think that as the audience, we are meant to be able to connect with the main characters, and I don’t feel that we do.

Anyway… on to the movie… The best bits, in my humble opinion, were the close-ups of the dress. Carolina Herrera did really well there. I wasn’t a fan of the front – a bit like a leotard – but the back was exquisite! I also liked the very normal way that Bella and Edward just spent time playing chess and such on their honeymoon – I know it was symbolic and a bit of a tongue-in-cheek way of saying that they were’t having sex so they sat playing chess (boring?), blah, blah…

The dream wedding was just obvious and amateur, we knew as soon as it began that it was a dream and it looked as though it had just been picked from a schoolkid’s movie project!

The wolf  “conversation” was like a scene from the Power Rangers or Spyro the Dragon… Great if it was a kid’s movie but I think in this, it was just terrible…  The venom going through the body, encasing the veins and heart etc, that was just strange and seemed a bit irrelevent – they could have done so much with the adaptation but they copped out with all the CGI!

I personally don’t think it needed to be split into two movies… they just wanted to do a Harry Potter and get more money… There were too many flashbacks and dream/subconscious sequences, almost as if they didn’t actually have enough storyline to fill the time…

All in all, I was sorely disappointed – I had been excited to see it and I felt that it had so much promise – they could have done anything, but they didn’t.

I hope they bring back Catherine Hardwicke or David Slade as director. Bill Condon ruined the movie and might have even ruined the Twilight brand! It didn’t seem to fit with the others. The end credits too, they were atrocious! They seemed distinctly Tarantino-esque, almost comic book like, which lowered the tone quite significantly.

Will I still go to see the next one? Yes, unfortunately, because although I don’t want to put any more money into the franchise, I have to see it end.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see… and hope it gets better!



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We Will Remember Them

So this morning I attended the Remembrance Service at my local cenotaph, marching in the parade with my Brownie Guide Unit, as we do every year.

I take this occasion very seriously – it is to honour and pay our respects to the service men and women who so selflessly gave their lives so that we might live in freedom.

As I was getting ready to lay the Girl Guiding wreath, I noticed that the brass band in front of us, who had come from the secondary school I had attended, were being so disrespectful. During the time of prayer, one member (a teacher, I believe) was texting on his mobile phone and whispering to the woman next to him. The entire band seemed to use the prayer time to discuss their next performance.

During the minute silence, another member (again, a teacher, I think) applauded and congratulated one of her students for performing the Last Post solo, before going on to blow her nose, very loudly. I’m sorry, but whatever happened to the SILENCE part of the minute silence?!

I fear that the sanctity of our nation’s pride is slowly being taken away. With more and more names being added to these cenotaphs on a seemingly daily basis, one would assume that now, more than ever, the nation would unite as one and pay their respects, offering the reverence and dignity that these men and women deserve so much.

It is a privilege to participate in such an occasion and I am honoured to be able to lead my unit of young girls in remembering those who gave so much for them. It is a privilege for me to wear my uniform and be part of such a large-scale  event, bringing the whole of the nation together. It is a privilege for me to lay the wreath of poppies, saluting my Guiding promise to the fallen – the greatest honour I can personally give them.

Humbly, and with the greatest respect and pride, I remember what they did, for us.

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning,
We will remember them.


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Nurse No More

So this past week I’ve had to do a LOT of soul searching!

My skin is so terrible that I have been advised to reconsider my nursing career. My dermatologist is concerned that the integrity of my skin has already been compromised so much that even on a normal, day-to-day basis I will struggle, but then with the constant hand-washing and harsh chemicals I would need to be using on placement in the wards, there would be a big issue.

So now I’m faced with a decision to make – do I continue and just hope for the best, or do I just suck it up and step away from nursing?

I think it has to be the latter. Nursing is a great interest to me, but I enjoy it for all the wrong reasons – I am enjoying the learning side of it, but that’s because I am an avid learner; I’m interested in everything and the biology classes in particular are the best part of the course for me!

Unfortunately I can’t transfer to a biology degree as I don’t have A Levels in science-related subjects – my first degree might be a help, but even then, I wouldn’t be able to afford it as I won’t be elibible for funding (because I’ve already had it for my first degree), whereas the nursing degree is fully funded.

So what lies ahead for me? I don’t know.

Mr R&R is currently in his final year of an IT Management degree and has some great contacts – he’s looking into funding for a start-up business and we’re hoping that I can start my own fashion line (my true passion). He’ll do the business side of things and I’ll be the creative source – I know it all seems very dreamy at the minute but hey, we’ve all got to have dreams, right?!

Any advice from someone in business or fashion would be gratefully accepted!



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Bonfire Night

Bonfire Night, Stars are Bright, Three Little Angels Dressed in White…

Or… five grown men competing in a Wine Box Challenge (Complete with a WWE-esque Championship Belt!)

So we went up to my brother’s place for a little Bonfire Night soiree he and his house-mate were having. If anyone knows me and my friends, you’ll know that these parties don’t often turn out so well… broken glasses, vomit, alcohol, food and usually some wierd kind of gunge stuff all over the house – in this case, my friend had cut open one of those mouse mats with the gel-filled wrist support – what a pain to clean off your hands, let alone the floor!!

Well they were competing in this Wine Box Challenge, this means that they each had a box of wine (four bottles in a box apparently) and the first one to finish won the belt. Anyone who spilled was given a five minute penalty where they weren’t allowed to continue drinking until their penalty time was up.

The reigning champion was storming along… Another guy was barely touching his as the wine was by all accounts, disgusting! My brother seemed to develop a tactic whereby he’d take a huge mouthful of the wine and then conveniently throw up over the wall – it doesn’t matter if you’re sick, you just can’t spill or pour it away! Sneaky sneaky!! Another guy was seemingly doing pretty well but we caught him sneakily pouring some away, even after having two penalty time-outs!

I don’t think anyone was shocked that the reigning champion went home with the belt again! He’s been preparing much like an athlete practising for a marathon!

The evening seemed to culminate at around 9.30-10pm when they were all wrecked and the guy who’d had all the penalties was throwing up all over the joint – sobbing down the toilet and into the sink… At least we didn’t flame-throw him or bake a cake on his head this time!!

I think I’ll stick to my Shloer and lemonade! Much safer 😛

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