Bonfire Night

Bonfire Night, Stars are Bright, Three Little Angels Dressed in White…

Or… five grown men competing in a Wine Box Challenge (Complete with a WWE-esque Championship Belt!)

So we went up to my brother’s place for a little Bonfire Night soiree he and his house-mate were having. If anyone knows me and my friends, you’ll know that these parties don’t often turn out so well… broken glasses, vomit, alcohol, food and usually some wierd kind of gunge stuff all over the house – in this case, my friend had cut open one of those mouse mats with the gel-filled wrist support – what a pain to clean off your hands, let alone the floor!!

Well they were competing in this Wine Box Challenge, this means that they each had a box of wine (four bottles in a box apparently) and the first one to finish won the belt. Anyone who spilled was given a five minute penalty where they weren’t allowed to continue drinking until their penalty time was up.

The reigning champion was storming along… Another guy was barely touching his as the wine was by all accounts, disgusting! My brother seemed to develop a tactic whereby he’d take a huge mouthful of the wine and then conveniently throw up over the wall – it doesn’t matter if you’re sick, you just can’t spill or pour it away! Sneaky sneaky!! Another guy was seemingly doing pretty well but we caught him sneakily pouring some away, even after having two penalty time-outs!

I don’t think anyone was shocked that the reigning champion went home with the belt again! He’s been preparing much like an athlete practising for a marathon!

The evening seemed to culminate at around 9.30-10pm when they were all wrecked and the guy who’d had all the penalties was throwing up all over the joint – sobbing down the toilet and into the sink… At least we didn’t flame-throw him or bake a cake on his head this time!!

I think I’ll stick to my Shloer and lemonade! Much safer 😛


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