Nurse No More

So this past week I’ve had to do a LOT of soul searching!

My skin is so terrible that I have been advised to reconsider my nursing career. My dermatologist is concerned that the integrity of my skin has already been compromised so much that even on a normal, day-to-day basis I will struggle, but then with the constant hand-washing and harsh chemicals I would need to be using on placement in the wards, there would be a big issue.

So now I’m faced with a decision to make – do I continue and just hope for the best, or do I just suck it up and step away from nursing?

I think it has to be the latter. Nursing is a great interest to me, but I enjoy it for all the wrong reasons – I am enjoying the learning side of it, but that’s because I am an avid learner; I’m interested in everything and the biology classes in particular are the best part of the course for me!

Unfortunately I can’t transfer to a biology degree as I don’t have A Levels in science-related subjects – my first degree might be a help, but even then, I wouldn’t be able to afford it as I won’t be elibible for funding (because I’ve already had it for my first degree), whereas the nursing degree is fully funded.

So what lies ahead for me? I don’t know.

Mr R&R is currently in his final year of an IT Management degree and has some great contacts – he’s looking into funding for a start-up business and we’re hoping that I can start my own fashion line (my true passion). He’ll do the business side of things and I’ll be the creative source – I know it all seems very dreamy at the minute but hey, we’ve all got to have dreams, right?!

Any advice from someone in business or fashion would be gratefully accepted!




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2 responses to “Nurse No More

  1. If you have a passion for fashion, it might be good to make the change. You still have the knowledge you learned in nursing and it could come in helpful even if you don’t work in it.

    • ribbonsandropes

      Thank you for your comment! I didn’t think anyone read my blog… Fashion is a great passion of mine and I am hopeful that I will be successful but at the minute I need to believe in myself and my talent! It’s scary!

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