Breaking Dawn Pt.1

So yesterday we went to see Breaking Dawn: part 1. We had a few hours to kill before basketball and we’d end up watching it at some point anyway…

First, let me just say that I loved the books – they weren’t written particularly well but I enjoyed reading them – I think it’s a good concept.

I enjoyed the first three movies, too, if I’m honest. New Moon wasn’t a favourite but that’s because I’m firmly NOT Team Jacob – not particularly Team Edward either, but I just don’t like Jacob, he’s a sleaze and forces himself onto Bella. I also think that Taylor Lautner over-enunciates and although he’s getting slightly better, not the best actor. On that note, I think that the way he speaks isn’t realistic – although that’s down to Stephanie Meyer, the script is lifted right out of the books and she writes like a teenager, you can certainly tell she’s not a professional writer – people just don’t talk like that in real life! The casting wasn’t very good from the start, I don’t really rate any of the main actors. Robert Pattinson plays Edward in a way which is difficult to watch. I know that he was meant to be slightly pained in the first movie, due to his confusion over Bella, but it doesn’t really fit anymore. He looks wooden and in pain, too much like Jasper (who I think it suits very well!) Kristen is getting better, and prettier, but I think she’s very wooden too. I think that as the audience, we are meant to be able to connect with the main characters, and I don’t feel that we do.

Anyway… on to the movie… The best bits, in my humble opinion, were the close-ups of the dress. Carolina Herrera did really well there. I wasn’t a fan of the front – a bit like a leotard – but the back was exquisite! I also liked the very normal way that Bella and Edward just spent time playing chess and such on their honeymoon – I know it was symbolic and a bit of a tongue-in-cheek way of saying that they were’t having sex so they sat playing chess (boring?), blah, blah…

The dream wedding was just obvious and amateur, we knew as soon as it began that it was a dream and it looked as though it had just been picked from a schoolkid’s movie project!

The wolf  “conversation” was like a scene from the Power Rangers or Spyro the Dragon… Great if it was a kid’s movie but I think in this, it was just terrible…  The venom going through the body, encasing the veins and heart etc, that was just strange and seemed a bit irrelevent – they could have done so much with the adaptation but they copped out with all the CGI!

I personally don’t think it needed to be split into two movies… they just wanted to do a Harry Potter and get more money… There were too many flashbacks and dream/subconscious sequences, almost as if they didn’t actually have enough storyline to fill the time…

All in all, I was sorely disappointed – I had been excited to see it and I felt that it had so much promise – they could have done anything, but they didn’t.

I hope they bring back Catherine Hardwicke or David Slade as director. Bill Condon ruined the movie and might have even ruined the Twilight brand! It didn’t seem to fit with the others. The end credits too, they were atrocious! They seemed distinctly Tarantino-esque, almost comic book like, which lowered the tone quite significantly.

Will I still go to see the next one? Yes, unfortunately, because although I don’t want to put any more money into the franchise, I have to see it end.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see… and hope it gets better!




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3 responses to “Breaking Dawn Pt.1

  1. Lisa Lynette

    I actually really enjoyed the movie! I dont understand why so many people were disappointed!! I thought it was brilliant

  2. ribbonsandrifles

    I guess it’s just each to their own… I was sorely disappointed, but then, I’m not a huge fan of CGI anyway. I take film quite seriously and I was offended that they seemed to be making a mockery of it. One thing i have to say though, the CGI emaciation of Bella was great… I actually wondered if she had indeed lost all that weight for the movie – now that’s dedication!

  3. Im not sure if i should watch it… i think i dont think i would….

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