Almost everyone I know has a strong opinion on this subject, so I thought I’d share my views.

I am fascinated by the life-death cycle, particularly the act of death itself. I find it amazing that a human body can just stop working. Just like that.

The human body is a work of art – it is perfectly designed and the intricacies are mind-blowing.

The idea of a corpse is something I struggle to get my head around, but is also something that I, again, am fascinated by. The fact that something which was once a living, breathing, fully animated person, with a name, a job, a family and a whole personality, but that can then be nothing more that a shell, empty and void, is a difficult thought to process, though it is most definitely worth spending some time trying to work it out – if you do this, you will most definitely end up re-evaluating your beliefs and ideas about life and death.

I love the process of caring for the deceased. The respect and dignity given to them is something which makes wonder why, in some cases, the same isn’t true whilst the individual is still alive. The care given by the nurse or health care professional, immediately after death, known as Last Offices, is something which I would have loved to have participated in, had I continued in my nursing studies.

The post-mortem, or autopsy, is something which is particularly fascinating to me. Being able to look inside a human body and discover how it works, how it comes together and how it stops working, it’s amazing and I am in awe of the professionals who do this for a living.

All throughout my childhood and into adolescence I was slightly obsessed with death, planning my own funeral and telling anyone who’d listen that I wanted to be a mortician. I think it was their reactions, recoiling in horror or questioning my sanity, which stopped me from ever pursuing it. Now that I have a bit of breathing space, I am hoping that I can find my way into a profession where I can care for the dead. The pride and self discovery from a vocation in this field will be amazing.



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