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Happy New Year?

So I guess that most of you will be out, partying the night (and indeed, the year,) away in great style!

Me? I’m sat at home with a coffee and watching the Lakers basketball game on ESPN (they’re up by two, 49-47 against Denver)

I just can’t be bothered with going out any day of the year, not least new year’s eve!

Where I live (and it’s going to sound pretty ghetto, I warn you,) to go out around town, one must dress the part, meaning crotch-skimming, body-con dresses in some garish coloured polyester, straight from a market stall, along with bare legs and seven-inch platform heels in, dare I say it, PVC (mainly the girls)!

Not only that, but there are certain rules one must observe on said nights out:

  1. The bigger the hair, the better (boys and girls)
  2. The more orange the skin, the better (boys and girls)
  3. The more cleavage on show, the better (believe it or not, boys and girls, though for the boys, there doesn’t tend to be much “cleavage”, just a very low V-necked tee !)
  4. Drinks are to NEVER be left unattended (general common sense really)
  5. One must NEVER look at another person who is not in the same party, unless they want their faces smashed into the pavement!

Now, as you can probably gather, I am slightly cynical of this entire “clubbing-crowd”.  I don’t really fit in with them and they’re not my kind of people… Although saying that, no one is really my kind of people!

Number 5 is a personal peeve of mine – Why should I have to walk around staring at the ground all night?! I mean, sure, my shoes are pretty, I might have paid a lot of money for them, but I’m not a living adaptation of an “A Day in the Life of My Left and Right Foot” movie!

I have a tendency to stare. It’s not intentional and therefore, it isn’t done in malice. I totally phase out and people think I’m staring at them when in fact, I’m looking right through or past them and am in some kind of quasi-epileptic daze! I mean, really, why on earth would someone just assume that their face is so interesting that I must be staring at it?!

So I don’t really go out – I don’t enjoy it. I don’t drink. I don’t like people. I don’t like the music they play (note: I loosely call it music for ease of reading, but that’s a whole nother rant!)

So I’m spending NYE 2011 in my room with Mr R&R, probably going to make popcorn and watch a movie, and if I’m asleep by midnight, so be it – I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else in the world!

On that note, I’ll see you all next year, and I hope that you have a wonderful 2012!!




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Christmas Gifts 2011

So, as many of you are aware, I am broke!

I graduated from my first degree and then went on to do another. I was advised to withdraw on health grounds and haven’t found a job yet… So I’m broke.

This year I told everyone not to expect a Christmas present… Even Mr R&R and I aren’t bothering this year…

Well, I felt awful for not having anything to give to anyone so I decided to make some homemade confectionary and I bought some little jars for 50p each from B&M, but I fell in love with them and couldnt bear to give them away, knowing they’d probably just be thrown away after use!

I saw on one of Nigella Lawson’s Christmas shows, a recipe for chocolate and pistachio fudge. It looked mega easy and so I thought I’d give it a try. It was literally a can of condensed milk, one and a half bars of Dairy Milk and two tablespoons of butter, mixed with a bag of pistachios!

I bought some little cellophane bags and some ribbon to tie them.

When I bought the condensed milk, I noticed that there are recipes on the back. So I bought an extra can and decided to try the Caramel Shortbread recipe on the back of it.

I have to say, they were both really easy and they taste OK. The fudge doesn’t taste too fudgy, more just chocolatey… and the caramel in the Caramel Shortbread was very condensed milk-tasting, I probably won’t use as much next time. Although the recipe did call for soft brown sugar, but I only had light brown muscovado sugar so I used that – that might be what went wrong…

At least I know for next time.

When I came to testing the fudge last night, I cut it into squares to put in the bags but noticed that they weren’t set enough on the bottom. So at 2am, I was stood in the kitchen turning over 46 little squares of fudge to put back in the fridge!

This morning I came to cut up the Caramel Shortbread. It said it only made 16 but I thoought I could make the squares smaller and make more. So I scored the chocolate on the top and heated my knife up in hot water to try cutting it into squares – my chocolate just cracked and the squares were ruined so my step-dad (who is a chef) taught me how to heat up a small knife on the open flame on the gas stove and cut it like that… Took ages but worked a treat!

So there’s little packages for my parents, the boyfriend’s parents, my grandparents (both sets), my brother and his girlfriend and the boyfriends sister and her husband… the rest is for us 😛

On another note, I have been busy making scrapbooks for the girls in my Brownie pack (before we had to close). They’ve taken me ages and ended up costing loads, what with the price of printing 500+ photos, buying the scrapbooks, glue, paper to cover, etc, so it would have probably been easier to just buy them a little something. To be honest I kind of lost the will to live with them a little bit! But when we gave them out last night and a couple this morning, it was worth it all. Their little faces lit up, as did their parents’. It was really emotional!

I love my Brownies very dearly and I miss them every day! Even though I only saw them for an hour and a half, once a week, during term-time, I had gotten to know each and every one of them and it truly is an honour to be a part of a child’s life – to watch them grow from a tiny, shy seven year old, to a mature, kind and confident young lady at eleven!

I am so glad they liked their gifts and it made every effort well worth it! I love memories and I like the idea that I have given them a chance to remember their time with us.

My Grandma had been a Brownie leader before me, spending 40 years serving the Girl Guiding community, and it made me so proud when she had a look at them and said, “That’s a lovely idea – something I would have never even thought of!”

Oh, by the way, I did get Mr R&R a gift, I saw it and couldn’t resist – you’ll have to wait and see what it is though, in case he comes on here!

Happy Christmas Eve everyone!



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So I braved it last week and watched Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. I know, I know, it’s been out like, forever, and I probably did watch it as a child but I didn’t remember it and thought I’d give it a shot… Belle is my favourite Disney Princess (probably because she’s brunette) and I love the story of Beauty and the Beast.

Before I go any further, let me just say that I am a very traditional person who struggles to accept change. I have always been an avid reader and as a child, I devoured the traditional stories of Cinderella, Snow White, Three Little Pigs, etc, reading them over and over and over again.

When the Princess and the Frog came out a couple of years ago, I have to admit that I was quite excited. It was always one of my favourite, non-Disneyfied  stories and I had a Tarantula book version that I adored! When I sat down to watch it, I didn’t even get half an hour into it before switching it off and shouting at the TV that they weren’t telling it right! They changed way too much and ruined one of my favourite stories! She wasn’t even a princess anymore – she worked in a restaurant? WHAT?!!

So, anyway… Let’s get back to Beauty and the Beast.

I always loved that Belle was the beautiful, quiet and loving child, who, when her father was going away and asked her what she wanted bringing back as a souvenir, she asked only for a simple yellow rose, in contrast to her sisters who wanted more extravagant gifts.

It was that single yellow rose that I remember most about my story books and I always found yellow roses rather enchanting, perhaps stemming from this story fascination.

Where in the movie are the sisters? Where is the rose?! It doesn’t make sense and I was actually quite upset!

The Beast, who I always thought was a lovely character, just kind of stuck within himself and more insecure than angry, was a scary addition to the movie and it seemed to be saying that if a man locks you up and keeps you prisoner, and shouts at you and treats you horribly, well it’s OK, just ride it out and he might change and turn into a nice guy. I’m sorry but I’ve been there and it doesn’t happen like that in real life!

The best bit of the Disney movie – the pink hooded gown that Belle wears in the courtyard of the palace…

Oh, and that Gaston looks like WWE’s Wade Barrett (AKA Square Head) – I swear he modelled himself on that guy!

Read the books, the movies suck!

Rant over.


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OMG It’s Christmas

So I was watching a TV show last week, I believe it was Suburgatory, which is an American sitcom… It was the Christmas episode, so unsurprisingly, there were a lot of Christmas-related events… One of which was a “tree-trimming party” which, by the way, is awesome and if I weren’t so OCD about things being done to my standard, I would totally do that!

Anyway, at the end of the show there was a song that went something along the lines of “Oh my God, it’s Christmas!”

Now, forgive me if I am wrong here but that unashamed act of blasphemy is really one of the worst instances I have ever seen! I’d go as far as to say that it seemed almost paradoxical!

Let me elaborate…

Christmas, the day that we celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, who is God in human form. So basically, we are celebrating the decision that Almighty God made, to save our souls by sending His Son to be tortured and murdered in cold blood, that we might have eternal life…

And then, to use His name in vain in front of that celebration just seems strange and disgusting to me!

The “OMG” phrase in general offends me. It has become just a phrase, much like “LOL” or “dear me”, which people use in day-to-day life without even thinking.

I sincerely hope that one day, we can remember the true meaning of Christmas – the priceless gift that even Mastercard couldn’t pay for!

I hope that we can remove the OMG phrase from our vocabularies, unless we are using it for it’s original meaning, when we are in turmoil and begging for His guidance and assistance, when we are speaking with Him and not just because so-and-so just told you that her friend’s cousin’s next-door-neighbour’s sister has just found her husband cheating with the milkman!

I just thought I’d share


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Christmas Crazy

So I sent Mr R&R into the loft space this evening to get out this gaudy little tacky pink Christmas tree. I had a feeling it was in there as it was a gift a while back and we haven’t had the space to put it up, even though it’s only about two feet tall!

Well, we moved into the big bedroom this year and I bought some of those chocolate coins, wrapped in gold foil, so naturally I wanted to hang them on a tree… We could have just put them downstairs on the communal family tree but I’m greedy and want them all to myself (and Mr R&R, of course!)

Well, he was on the ladders, just about to get into the loft, when I, as I was holding the ladders steady, managed to scrape my eczema laden finger onto the shelf part of them. I didn’t really think that much of it, just a little sting, and with my hands being dry on a general basis, I just attributed it to that. I looked down at my hand about two minutes later and I’ve got a massive gash on my right index finger! I was so brave though and just carried on until we finished, when Mr R&R cleaned it up with an antiseptic wipe and put a plaster on it (or band-aid, for my friends across the ocean!).

So after all that pallava, we came to the conclusion that it’s not there and we must have gotten rid of it when we moved house – not pleased!

I think it’s just the Christmas mentality that everyone gets at this time of year… People go a little crazy and that’s ok, because it’s Christmas, apparently!

And don’t even get me started on the shops!

I’m off to wallow in self-pity and hold my finger up like a puppy wih a poorly paw!


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My friend commented, just the other day, that he saw a lady with a Star Wars tattoo…

Now, forgive me as I’ve never actually seen Star Wars, but I think he said it was a tattoo of the X Wing flying away from a Death Star, on her upper back.

Naturally, this prompted a slight rant by me… I have strong opinions on a lot of things and am often told where to shove them! But I figured that, as this is my blog, which I own, I can rant all I like on here!

My reaction was perhaps quite abrupt – I stated outright that I disagree with women having tattoos. This is just my personal view, in that I would never have a tattoo myself.

A lot of my female friends have tattoos, and my Mum even has a tattoo of mine and my brother’s names on her shoulder – again, not to my taste, but each to their own…

My point is that I’m just very traditional. Women, in my eyes, should be feminine and lady-like.

I know, I know, I am so stereotypical! Women burned their bras to be allowed the same rights as men, but that’s a whole nother rant for a whole nother day!

It’s not specifically women, I’m just not a fan of tattoos in general. I think it became a “cool” thing for a lot of the teenagers and young adults around the early 2000 era (I know they were around well before then but just go with me). Everyone in my school year was going down to the local tattoo parlour in their lunch-breaks and getting a tattoo, or facial piercing, when the whole “Emo” thing became popular…

The “chavvy” ones got tribal tattoos, the emo ones got those nautical stars and just about everyone my age has got at least one tattoo these days.

To be honest, I never understood those who have peoples names tattooed on them, do they not realise that a tattoo is forever?! As for the tribal stuff, how many people actually know what each of their tribal designs means?! Same with the Chinese letters etc.

I’d just hate to be an 80 year-old woman with grandchildren, or even great-grandchildren surrounding me and asking me about an old tattoo on my sagging, wrinkly skin. I’d hate to have them lose their respect for me because of a silly mistake I made over 60 years previously!

So my personal choice is, no tattoos for me, thanks! What do you guys think?


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I love music!

Especially country music… To be honest, before I met Mr R&R, I just thought of country as Dolly Parton and Garth Brooks, but he got me into it and now it’s probably my favourite kind of music!

I’m more into the female singers and the more modern stuff like Kellie Pickler, Edens Edge, Carrie Underwod, Miranda Lambert, Lady Antebellum, Lee Ann Womack, Dixie Chicks, She Daisy, JaneDear Girls, Taylor Swift, Martina McBride… that kind of stuff…

I also love Blake Shelton and my partner is constantly trying to get me to love Rascal Flatts as much as he does!

I love the whole idea of the southern states, the accent, the sense of community, the music, the unashamed Christian morals… I know that’s very idealised but I love it! It’s no big secret that I’ve fallen hard for Wilmington, North Carolina, but I’d seriously consider moving anywhere in the southern US!

I love my worship music too, especially Meredith Andrews, Kari Jobe, Brooke Fraser, Hillsong, Chris Tomlin, and I’m quite partial to the oldschool hymns and especially choirs and acapella stuff!

I just love music!

I have a very eclectic taste – on my iPod there’s a vast array, from Slipknot, NoFX and Nirvana to Kutless, Benton Brown and Delirious?, and then Johnny Cash, Randy Travis, Kenny Chesney and Reba McIntyre, right through to Britney Spears and Backstreet Boys!!

I think music should reflect who you are and what you’re feeling – that’s why I refuse to accept it when people say “I’m a goth, I can’t listen to Michael Jackson” or my personal favourite (which my brother uses) “Britney Spears? Who the hell is Britney Spears?” – said because he thinks he should listen to System of a Down and refuse to acknowledge any other genre of music!I’ve been there, I went through my “goth phase” but I always appreciated good music.

If it’s a good song, it’s a good song!

I listen to Christmas music in July, if I feel like it, and I encourage you all to do the same 🙂


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