My friend commented, just the other day, that he saw a lady with a Star Wars tattoo…

Now, forgive me as I’ve never actually seen Star Wars, but I think he said it was a tattoo of the X Wing flying away from a Death Star, on her upper back.

Naturally, this prompted a slight rant by me… I have strong opinions on a lot of things and am often told where to shove them! But I figured that, as this is my blog, which I own, I can rant all I like on here!

My reaction was perhaps quite abrupt – I stated outright that I disagree with women having tattoos. This is just my personal view, in that I would never have a tattoo myself.

A lot of my female friends have tattoos, and my Mum even has a tattoo of mine and my brother’s names on her shoulder – again, not to my taste, but each to their own…

My point is that I’m just very traditional. Women, in my eyes, should be feminine and lady-like.

I know, I know, I am so stereotypical! Women burned their bras to be allowed the same rights as men, but that’s a whole nother rant for a whole nother day!

It’s not specifically women, I’m just not a fan of tattoos in general. I think it became a “cool” thing for a lot of the teenagers and young adults around the early 2000 era (I know they were around well before then but just go with me). Everyone in my school year was going down to the local tattoo parlour in their lunch-breaks and getting a tattoo, or facial piercing, when the whole “Emo” thing became popular…

The “chavvy” ones got tribal tattoos, the emo ones got those nautical stars and just about everyone my age has got at least one tattoo these days.

To be honest, I never understood those who have peoples names tattooed on them, do they not realise that a tattoo is forever?! As for the tribal stuff, how many people actually know what each of their tribal designs means?! Same with the Chinese letters etc.

I’d just hate to be an 80 year-old woman with grandchildren, or even great-grandchildren surrounding me and asking me about an old tattoo on my sagging, wrinkly skin. I’d hate to have them lose their respect for me because of a silly mistake I made over 60 years previously!

So my personal choice is, no tattoos for me, thanks! What do you guys think?



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