So I braved it last week and watched Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. I know, I know, it’s been out like, forever, and I probably did watch it as a child but I didn’t remember it and thought I’d give it a shot… Belle is my favourite Disney Princess (probably because she’s brunette) and I love the story of Beauty and the Beast.

Before I go any further, let me just say that I am a very traditional person who struggles to accept change. I have always been an avid reader and as a child, I devoured the traditional stories of Cinderella, Snow White, Three Little Pigs, etc, reading them over and over and over again.

When the Princess and the Frog came out a couple of years ago, I have to admit that I was quite excited. It was always one of my favourite, non-Disneyfied  stories and I had a Tarantula book version that I adored! When I sat down to watch it, I didn’t even get half an hour into it before switching it off and shouting at the TV that they weren’t telling it right! They changed way too much and ruined one of my favourite stories! She wasn’t even a princess anymore – she worked in a restaurant? WHAT?!!

So, anyway… Let’s get back to Beauty and the Beast.

I always loved that Belle was the beautiful, quiet and loving child, who, when her father was going away and asked her what she wanted bringing back as a souvenir, she asked only for a simple yellow rose, in contrast to her sisters who wanted more extravagant gifts.

It was that single yellow rose that I remember most about my story books and I always found yellow roses rather enchanting, perhaps stemming from this story fascination.

Where in the movie are the sisters? Where is the rose?! It doesn’t make sense and I was actually quite upset!

The Beast, who I always thought was a lovely character, just kind of stuck within himself and more insecure than angry, was a scary addition to the movie and it seemed to be saying that if a man locks you up and keeps you prisoner, and shouts at you and treats you horribly, well it’s OK, just ride it out and he might change and turn into a nice guy. I’m sorry but I’ve been there and it doesn’t happen like that in real life!

The best bit of the Disney movie – the pink hooded gown that Belle wears in the courtyard of the palace…

Oh, and that Gaston looks like WWE’s Wade Barrett (AKA Square Head) – I swear he modelled himself on that guy!

Read the books, the movies suck!

Rant over.



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