The Prodigal Returns

So the brother moved back in yesterday… Into the dining room, which, in honesty, has caused me great annoyance:

1. I lived in the small room for years. Me and Mr R&R managed in a single bed in the box room and we never complained. He moves back in and even though his girlfriend lives on the other side of the country and only comes up every few months, he decides he needs his double bed and comes up with some STUPID idea that he can just knock out the built-in cupboard and have a raised double bed (like bunk-bed height) with his computer and fridge underneath… WTH!??!
2. My step-dad loves darts and he isn’t allowed his dart board in the dining room in case he ruins the flooring or wallpaper – My brother is the dirtiest person in the world, with no regard for anything!
3. There’s old furniture in there, such as a mega old bookcase and table and grandfather’s clock etc, which according to Mum, can’t ever be moved because they’ve always been there… so when we suggested moving them into storage when a childminding business idea came floating by, we were promptly knocked back!
4. When it was suggested that the separating wall should be knocked down to make a big kitchen/dining room, Mum stated that she likes having a dining room…
5. He’s the Golden Boy and we know that he complained about the space or something so everything that’s been said and done over the last 6 months since he moved out has gone down the gutter. He gets whatever he wants, regardless.

So he moved everything into the dining room and the “not-to-be-moved” furniture was taken upstairs to the box room… this morning, he comes out and has decided he wants the small room after all – the dining room is too cold and he’s not allowed to put a lock on the door and it’s too loud… Oh, and his internet connection is too far away and he’d have to pay for Sky to be installed, whereas we’d already paid for installation and internet access in the little bedroom! All things we told him before and now, after all the hard work and effort, which he didn’t even help with, he changes his mind.

Does Mum oblige? Of course she does! In fact, she’s taken him shopping to get a corner desk and has ordered him a custom-made slightly shorter three quarter sized bed…

To be honest, we were always very close growing up. But then he got this strange desire to be “different” and constantly talks about how “random” he is. Conversation always turns to himself, I mean, I could be saying, “Oh, I have really bad menstrual cramps” and he’d cut me off with, “Oh, that’s nohing, you should have felt the headache I had 6 months ago!” He’s just really difficult to live with – he’s 24 and he’s still very immature. I struggle to like him sometimes unless he’s on his own…

I’ve got loads of rants about him stored away, including a highly charged one about university, but I think I’ll save it for now!

Welcome home, Golden Boy!



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