I love science!

I know that’s too much of a random, broad statement but it’s true!

I always knew that I loved biology. I’ve always been somewhat fascinated with human biology in particular, just the way that our bodies work and the intricacies within each of us. It’s mind-boggling!

When I was at school, taking my GCSEs, I was good at biology. Not so much chemistry or physics but in honesty, I didn’t really apply myself. I assumed that I could get by if I tried really hard in one of the classes.

When it came to choosing my A Level subjects, I desperately wanted to take biology but I guess I didn’t believe in myself – I assumed that I wasn’t smart enough or that I wouldn’t be able to do it. My excuse to this day is one of two: “It clashed with drama in timetabling” or “I like human biology and thought it’d focus more on plants or animals”. When in actual fact, I was just too scared that maybe I’d be the odd one out in class – my classmates would be studying the three sciences, perhaps maths or history or geography (what I call the really clever, academic subjects) and then there’s me, with drama, psychology and English lit.

So that’s why I didn’t choose biology at A Level and I’ve regretted it ever since. I think that’s where my downward spiral really started – I went on to do a “Mickey Mouse” degree and only just graduated with Third Class honours because I didn’t think I was capable of any better. Maybe that says something about me or maybe it says more about my school and the teachers not nurturing an interest. I don’t know – it happened and now I have to live with it!

So anyway, I always said I wasn’t really interested in chemistry or physics but during the science classes in my Nursing degree, we had to do basic biology, microbiology and biochemistry. I have to say that revisiting atoms and the periodic table of elements really pleased me. I enjoyed it and I realised that actually, some of it must have permeated through my thick skull when I learned it the first time! I discovered an even bigger hunger for science, and couldn’t wait for science class each week! So I guess I kind of like chemistry, too!

Physics – I always struggled with physics but I think a lot of that had to do with my GCSE physics teacher – he was a big meanie and made classed seem really boring – I assumed it was all about cars and engineering or something and basically couldn’t forge an interest or make any kind of connection with it. It’s only recently that I’ve realised that astonomy is in fact, physics.

I love astronomy, and it’s a long-standing interest, starting from Primary School, year 5 I think, when we learned about planets and outer space. I made an amazing drawing of our galaxy (even if I do say so myself!) and really enjoyed learning about it. It’s something that I’ve carried on but in a very amateur way – I’ve gone along to a local astronomical society event where we saw the space shuttle and looked through a mega telescope to another galaxy – again, I was awestruck and loved every minute of it! So I guess I like some aspects of physics, too!

Like I said, I love science, and if that makes me a nerd, then I’m a nerd!



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