So I was commenting on a board post on My Fitness Pal earlier, where a lady was discussing her cleanliness OCD and asked if anyone else had similar tendencies. Naturally, I wanted to be involved and even though I’m not the cleanest (well, tidiest) person in the world, I have a different type of tendency. I’m not sure  if they’d count as OCD though!

  • The volume on the TV, some people have to have it on an even number or a multiple of 5, etc. I have specific numbers I can have it on. Its usually: 5, 7, sometimes 8, 10, sometimes 12, sometimes 13, 15, 17, sometimes 18, 20, 22, 25, etc… it depends on how it feels (A lot of people won’t understand “the feeling” unless they’ve experienced it!) It truly makes me feel sick and anxious if it’s not on a number I can have!
  • Also, and this one has haunted me all my life, as long as I can remember. I have to have equality and balance. So say, my left hand touches something, I have to touch it with my right hand too. Even to the extremes, so if I actually hurt myself, maybe I cut my toe, I have to have the same sensation on the other foot, not necessarily cutting it, but just pressing it against something sharp so that I get the same sensation. My family think it’s funny and tap me on the knee or something and wait, in hysterics, for me to touch my other knee… it’s so upsetting because they don’t understand (even though mum “claims” to have OCD – more on that another day!) Sometimes I spend hours in little whirlwinds because I can’t get the same sensation right and I’m standing there, tapping both arms on different objects because it’s not the same sensation, so then I’ve got to equal it back out and still try to get the original sensation! Does that make sense?
  • I’m not as bad with objects, but I do like to have things spaced equally (The coathangers spaced equally on the rail when I worked in a clothes store caused me some trouble as I spent too long tidying!) I also like to have two or three of the same item, so that I can have one on either side of a shelf, or one in the middle and one on either side. I remember doing a silimar thing as a child, where I couldn’t just have one of something, because it would feel lonely. A pencil sharpener, lonely? Really?

Some days are worse than others… But I never really thought it counted as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder – maybe I’m just a bit quirky and have a strong sense of balance (crazy, as I can’t balance to save my life!) Anyway, it’s not as if I think my family will die if I don’t get it right, it just maks me feel sick!

Question: Do you, or anyone you know have similar tendencies/compulsions? And what do you think of mine?!



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