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Pinterest and Weddings!

I joined Pinterest!

I am constantly boomarking webpages to come back to later, and then forgetting all about them, so I thought this would be perfect for me.

The only problem is, it’s so addictive!

I started off with around four Boards, and they were just the general ones Pinterest suggest: “Dream Home”; “Just Things I Like”; “Fitness”; and “Recipes”. Needless to say, I quickly added more and more and now I have 24 Boards, and counting!

My boards are all still very general, and unoriginal in terms of names, ranging from: DIY and crafts; fashion inspiration; pretty shoes, boots, hairstyles, handbags, nail art and makeup; movies, books and music I love; places I’d love to visit; cameras; gift ideas; eczema and allergy things; beach body inspiration; and the obvious ones such as cute animals, engagement rings and wedding ideas!

Wedding? I hear you ponder! No, you haven’t missed a surprise announcement. Mr R&R is still only Mr R&R on here and not in an official capacity! The truth is much more mundane, and slightly more disturbing, if you agree with certain peoples’ opinions…

I have been planning my wedding since I was a child. Probably aroud 6-7 years old! Mr R&R knows and I’ve even shared parts of my Big Wedding Book with him (yes I have a BWB!)

The official line in this regard is: I’m allergic to just about all metals. My dermatologist has said that I should be OK with either platinum or stainless steel. I have spoken with Mr R&R and suggested that we: a) don’t bother with rings; b) have plastic, wooden or other kinds of rings; c) just have a plain stainless steel ring.

His response was firm, but very sweet – he has the perfect proposal already planned and it needs a ring. He’s very traditional and wants to do it properly. If that means we have to save up so that he can afford a platinum ring, that’s what we’ll do. If that means we’ll be waiting a few years as he’s still at university until July and has acquired lots of debts, so be it.

As long as we’re together and I know it’s forever, I’m happy. It’ll happen when it happens, and by then I’ll have already planned just about everything! And yes, you’ll be the first to know!

Now I’m off to look at more wedding favours!





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