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Nails, Nails, Nails!

So I’ve gotten a little obsessed with painting my nails…

I’ve always loved my nail polishes and I have been painting my nails for longer than I can remember – I think it has something to do with the fact that I have so many allergies and skin conditions, I wasn’t allowed to play with pretty bubble baths, face masks and make up parties, etc, so I painted my nails!

I have such flimsy nails and they take forever to grow. When they do grow, they bend, snap and split really easily – I also get dents in my nails (If anyone knows why this is, please let me know! I always assumed it was due to my eczema – sometimes as a child it would get under my nails and they would fall off – I still don’t have cuticles on those fingers!)

So I work in the pharmacy department of a hospital and the policy is hazy at best. On one hand we were told we can wear nail polish, as we don’t go up to the wards, but on the other hand we’ve been told that we can’t wear nail polish. We’ve also heard that we can wear clear nail polish, which raises even more questions!

I decided that until I am told directly, from my manager, I’m going to continue to wear it. Today I’ve had bright pink nails with my ring fingernail yellow with pink flicks. Yesterday I had a basic French manicure. I’ve also had cherries, rainbow pastel colours, bumble bees, ladybirds and more! It’s gotten to the point where I’m switching my nail polish every evening! I don’t know if that’s good for my nails or not?!

So I just thought I’d warn you that I might be showing photos of my nails sometimes, but I’ve been using my phone camera and it’s not amazing quality!

Also, I finish this job soon and move to another in admin, so hopefully that’ll be better. Nail polish and otherwise!!

~ R&R


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