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New Job… Again

I can’t remember the last time I posted a blog (I’m really sorry about that, if anyone’s reading this!) So I can’t remember if I told you I was working at the pharmacy at my local hospital.

Well, that job was just temporary from the end of April to the end of July and in honesty, I was quite ready to leave! I started my new job on August 1st and my first week was great – I actually found myself looking forward to work the next day.

My new job was advertised as an admin role. I like admin, I like the menial little jobs that everyone else hates, such as filing, organising, typing, shredding and laminating. I thought it would be perfect and I was so excited about having a “proper” job with a desk and responsibilities, where my manager treats me as an adult and lets me use my initiative.

Basically I work in a factory. Yes I have my own desk and a computer but I very rarely get chance to use them! Most of the day is spent in a tiny little room with a big horrible machine that folds letters and puts them into envelopes. This machine would be genius if it actually worked, but alas! It doesn’t. Not very well anyway. There’s always something wrong with it. Some days I have to go use the franking machine too. I basically stuff envelopes, count them, put them in the box with the relevant post-code and then count them again. If the numbers don’t add up, I count them again! I do this every day and once a week I have to bag all the letters up into their corresponding Royal Mail bags (which stink and are the dirtiest, grossest things EVER!) and then wait for the postman to come the next day, for it all to start again.

I wouldn’t go as far as to say I hate it but I am not enjoying it. I’ve started going home with such headaches, too. I think it’s because the room literally is smaller than my bathroom and it has a tiny window, which only opens about an inch, and the machine is so loud that the people in the office outside my room have to close the door and shut me in.

It could be that or it could be my new colleagues, who started off really nice and I actually thought we could become friends – a massive feat for me, I generally don’t like people and I can’t cope with incessant chatting about boys and fake-tans and Geordie Shore or The Only Way is Essex or whatever else girls around here are obsessed with. I enjoy my own company and I don’t tend to miss people. So I was really pleased that we seemed to be getting on with (or tolerating) each other. This week though, a couple of them have really started grating on me. I’ll probably go into more detail later on – it could probably use its own post.

I’m actually missing my Pharmacy job and the people I was so desperate to escape from!

I’m really sorry that I’ve started using my blog as a ranting post! I promise I’ll try to make it more upbeat (but not before I FINALLY get around to posting about my biggest pet peeve at the moment… 50 Shades of Grey)

I really appreciate you guys, thank you for letting me rant!



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So we went to the boyfriend’s sister’s house the other day – she’s just had a baby girl so we went to visit and to take a little gift for her.

I can’t say I dislike her but I can’t say I like her either – it’s just very difficult. I don’t feel welcome or comfortable, and here’s why:

  • We’ve been together just over 2 and a half years and she’s never made an effort to chat to me, unless it’s to complain about her life or her vast array of psycho exes!
  • She reminds me, regularly, that her three older children “hate” me – because “Uncle R&R never sees them anymore, since he got with you” – he used to live next door to them, they moved away, that’s why they don’t see him as much! She’s actually told me that she tells them, “Well, he’s got a girlfriend now, he hasn’t got time to play with you” – no mention of him starting university and moving 10 miles away with no ability to drive!!
  • On at least 4 occasions (including the first time I met them, and just the other day) the kids have brought up my boyfriend’s exes – “Hey Uncle R&R, didn’t you used to have a girlfriend called Amy?” – This neice only ever met Amy once, for around an hour, at least 4 years ago, when she was only aged 5 or younger… There’s no way she’d remember this and so it must be a regular conversation piece… She’s also quite often called me by an ex’s name, even after being told what my name is – I know this is a child, maybe not specifically his sister’s fault but still, she should speak to her!

Anyway, I guess I just wanted to rant…

I get on really well with his other sister and his Mum, even his drug-dependant, schizophrenic brother!!

You can’t win them all I guess!

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