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A Little Update

Hello 🙂
Ok, ok, I know. I have a HUGE apology to make – I’ve been MIA for quite some time now and I don’t really have an excuse. I guess that working life just doesn’t suit me; I’m so tired all the time!

My last post (here) was quite a heated rant about my feelings on the 50 Shades of Grey = porn topic. The family situation hasn’t gotten any better from that point of view, although my Grandma has attempted to smooth things over (didn’t work! I pretty much had a panic attack and my beloved uncle didn’t even bat an eyelid. So much for familial concern, even if there’s no love!)

So anyway. what’s happened since then? Well, as you know I left my temporary job in the hospital Pharmacy in July and started an “admin” job for the NHS in August. I use the term “admin” very loosly as it was pretty much a factory job – you can read the basic jist of it here  (with another apology for not blogging as often as I should!) I handed my notice in on 28th September, and just never went back as I had holiday and flexi-leave to take – they were a bit funny about that and tried telling me I had to give 4 weeks notice, even though I’d not even been there for two months yet!

On 8th October I started a job as a Room Leader / Senior Nursery Nurse at a private day nursery. My interview was amazing and I was so excited I could have cried. They told me that I would be able to do whatever I wanted, basically have free reign, and make my room the way I wanted it. I was excited about potentially my first experience as a paid EYP (Early Years Professional – the graduate-level status I earned) as they seemed excited about the fact that I had EYPS and their currnt EYP was on maternity leave. They offered me the job there and then and I was in shock – I didn’t even ask about the hours or the pay!

When I went in to sign the paperwork (no contract though) and fill out my CRB forms, I was told that it was only 32 hours per week and £7 per hour. She said it’s pretty much the same as what I was on before – it wasn’t. I was on £7.20 per hour and working 37.5 hours per week – quite a difference when you do the maths! I was gutted but it wasn’t about the money – I thought I had found my dream job, one that I could have been happy in and stayed for a long time.

On my first day, I knew I had made a mistake. There was no scope for change and no mention of my EYP status – the manager/owner keeps referring to it as “Early Years Practitioner” – anyone who works in the early years is a practitioner. I worked for two years, seperate from my degree, to earn PROFESSIONAL status! It was really demeaning.

I’ve been there for a little over two weeks and I absolutely hate it – I just don’t fit in. The setting is sub-par and they’re very challenging when I want to change anything. I feel like I’m back at school; being told off and not being allowed to do things. I genuinely feel that they’re clipping my wings and I’m not being given the opportunity to work to my full potential!

So now I’m applying for another job. Again! It seems that I keep on coming back to teaching. I always wanted to be a teacher and due to some confusion over my A Level results, I didn’t take the univerity place I’d been offered, instead opting for one on a whim, which I hated! Hopefully I can do some kind of graduate teacher training programme when the new schemes are opened up mid-November. Until then, I’m just applying for teaching assistant positions (I prefer school working, I like the routine).

I was hoping to try to stick this job out for at last 6 months, to see if it got better, and to have something decent on my CV, but I’ve been losing sleep over it for the past three nights and I feel ill at the thought of going back in – nothing is worth that.

I really appreciate you letting me rant at you all and just get it all out!

Hopefully soon I’ll have something positive to blog about!

~ R&R



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So it was my birthday on Thursday – I was 23.

I feel so old, it’s not even funny.

By 23, I wanted to be established and settled in a job, married (or very nearly) and a mum (or very nearly).

At the minute, I have none of these things. I am a perpetual student… living at home with my parents… and although marriage and kids are definitely on the cards, it won’t happen for a while yet.

I guess sometimes life just happens and runs away from all your dreams.

My new friends at university are all between 18 and 21 – the mention of someone being 22 last week prompted a reaction along the lines of “22, wow, that’s so old!” – Thanks…

So that’s where I’m at… Happy in general, like usual… but deep down my heart is breaking and every time I see a baby, or wedding gown, or engagement ring, it breaks even further…

One day, just not today.


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Hmm, I don’t appear to very good at keeping this up when i actually have other things to do!

So what’s been happening over the last few weeks? Well I was accepted at university and am now a student nurse. I started on 19th September and am really enjoying it!

The thing is though, due to my skin condition (lots of allergies and a couple of forms of eczema/dermatitis), occupational health are debating whether to allow me to continue or not.  Is that not discrimination?

Also, I’m majorly broke – my bursary is taking forever to come through and the Student Loan company aren’t willing to give me a loan until they’re satified that the Bursary people are willing to… How strange is that?! So I’m mega broke and I don’t know when I’ll get cash – I can’t even afford to travel in to university at the minute as my travel pass has expired! Hopefully it’ll get sorted soon!

On a happier note, it’s my birthday this week, I’ll be 23 and I can’t wait! I haven’t got plans, in fact I’m in classes all day, and it’s not a particularly exciting birthday, I’m not expecting much in the way of presents or anything but it’s still my birthday! And I get to be a Princess all day!!

Coming up in three weeks is my graduation (from my first degree) and hopefully that’ll be a nice day – Mum and Step-Dad have paid for my gown and Grandma and Grandad are paying for my outfit to wear under it! Let’s just hope I find something nice, I’ve been really liking blues at the minute but my hood is a black with a grey and burgandy, not sure if it’ll really “go”!

Anyway, that’s a little catch-up

I’ll try not to leave it so long next time 🙂


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Just an update…

As you may know, I had my interview for the BA (hons) Nursing Studies – Children’s Branch last Friday… I was told that I would get a letter telling me whether I was successful or not “at the beginning of the week”.

Well it’s Friday and still, no letter… I called uni to ask whether there was a delay or if it might have been lost in the post.

The lady said that they couldn’t send me a letter because I hadn’t added my choice in Clearing – I did look at it but it said I had to have had an offer first so I didn’t think I could…

Anyway, on the phone she was gone for ages, asking me to confirm my name and address etc… She came back and said that she’d found me on the system but no decision had been made yet so she went to look for my paperwork from the interview (!) and came back to tell me I’d been successful and they’d like to offer me a place!!

I’m in! I’m a Student Nurse!! I start in September!


On another note… I was expecting the final bursary payment of £1500 from my previous course today. I spoke to my tutor last week and confirmed the date as I have bills to pay… She confirmed that it would definitely be today…

Midnight came, I checked – a bit premature, I know – it wasn’t there… I woke up at 3am and thought I’d have a look – not there.

Awoke at 8.30am and checked every 10 minutes, still nothing. By 12pm, I decided to call them and their response was classic!


“Well, I can put it in today and you’ll get it on Wednesday, is that ok?” – NO IT ISN’T OK! I have a Wonga.com payment to make and it’s taken me over my overdraft, are you going to pay my charge?!

She said it should be in by the end of business today.


Sheffield Hallam and their lack of organisation…



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Well, I had my interview for the BA (hon) Nursing Studies – Children’s branch yesterday at SHU (Sheffield Hallam University)

All I can say is “DEAR ME!!” If that’s how they conduct the interview and the kind of tutors I’ll have, I don’t even know if I want to go there!!

The first part of it (group task) went really well but the individual interview was horrific!

He kept twisting everything I said into a negative – I’ve got a degree in Early Childhood Studies so know about development and milestones and have had experience of working with children and families etc – but I’ve only worked with “well” children so it’s worthless.

I don’t have enough clinical knowledge and experience – I’m sorry but isn’t that why I’m applying to uni – to learn?!

I don’t know enough about the role of a nurse – I was given a scenario of a four year old boy just having had his appendix removed – what would my priorities be? I said to ensure he wasn’t in pain and that he was comfortable, if his parents weren’t there he might need comforting, if he’d had stitches, make sure they’re ok etc… he didn’t seem too happy with that and kept asking me “what do you think I’m wanting you to say?” How the hell am I supposed to know?!

It seemed very much like he was expecting me to already have the degree knowledge before even enrolling on the course! I couldn’t get anything right and told him I feel like I haven’t done very well and that I’m there because I want to and am willing to learn.

I mentioned some models of nursing, the ACCESS model, which he didn’t seem aware of and when I mentioned it’s about spirituality and culture, he said “Oh, that’s a fluffy model, I don’t do fluffy models, what else do you know?” So I discussed the Roper model, which is the most prevalent UK model… He said he was impressed because no candidate had ever mentioned models of nursing to him before… Didn’t seem to be enough though and he basically told me that I am competing against the best candidates for a limited few places (a lie because the woman from the introductory presentation told us there was a place available for each of us if we were successful) and that a lot of candidates end up applying quite a number of times before they are successful… He also said he was concerned that although I conduct myself very well, my lack of knowledge and clinical experience is a downfall (basically telling me I was crap and unsuccessful)

I am absolutely gutted – I won’t find out until next week but it didn’t seem like it went well… Although I think that if I’d had another interviewer, I’d have done a lot better – I was in a corridor with people walking past and a flickering light and he seemed to be playing bad cop but there was no good cop!!

I didn’t cry though, well, I didn’t let the tears come out… I just went to Asda and Mr R&R bought me loads of treats!!


I’ll keep you posted!




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So… I haven’t been blogging very much lately… I’m sorry (if anyone’s actually reading this!)

My excuse is that I have been on my final university placement and have been busy (not really, just tired!)

So I have finished my degree… what a ball-ache that was… Got my results and was absolutely gutted… I ended up coming out with a Third… still graduating, with honours, but still, Third Class isn’t great, is it?

Well I’ve sent off an appeal because they capped an entire module at 40 during my second year, because I didn’t hand an assignment in due to my temporary withdrawal… I was told that I could re-do the year and was never told that they’d cap my mark, let alone cap the entire module! I was gutted because when I actually did the assignment, I got a 71 and for the second assignment I got something like a 59… I guess you can understand why I was gutted that they capped it at 40, when the average was a 65!!

That’s why I’ve appealed against it… Hopefully they’ll accept it and bump my degree up to a 2.2 (Second Class), since that’s what I’ve actually earned!

Anyway… I’ve finished my degree but I’ve still been doing the course I had taken alongside it… The Early Years Professional Status (EYPS) and have been on placement at a Sure Start Children’s Centre as part of that… My final assessment is on Tuesday but I’ll stay until Friday, because I’m just that nice!!

After that, I plan on never hearing the word “OFSTED” or “EYFS” ever again… Fair enough, I have a degree and a graduate level status but I don’t ever intend on using them… It’s just not for me… I’ve applied through Clearing for a place on the Children’s Nursing degree… Let’s hope I can get over my MAJOR phobia of veins otherwise that’ll be another wasted degree and 3 years!

To be honest, I’ve always wanted to be a nurse… Teaching and Early Years, nursery work or whatever… that’s just something I fell into and I could never have worked in that field long term… I want to be a Mum someday, I think that was the only reason I actually did the Early Childhood Studies degree… I never went into nursing because of my phobia – I didn’t think I could do it – more on that another time… So I’m just hoping that I get onto the course now, otherwise I’ll have to find a job for a year and re-try next time!

Wish me luck!


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